Features & Functionality

Daily email - communication tool


Hotel Scienz was developed to be intuitive and comprehensive for all property stakeholders that are non-revenue managers. Daily revenue reports with KPI’s are sent by email in a comprehensive format that is easy to read for any hotel department.

Monthly reports


Our monthly report sets itself apart as it brings the right amount of information in a format legible to all stakeholders in hotels or hostels:

  • A solid performance analysis of the past month for channels, market segments, direct (online) sales
  • Easy to read, reduced complexity
  • Drills down into detail where team efforts are required to obtain results
  • Puts forth actionable items and major challenges

Our revenue management solution is sent to users on a frequent basis and presents clear year on year comparisons of for example the following information;

  • Channel Production report:
  • Day of Week performance:
  • Total revenue summaries & comparison to budget:
  • Market Segment mix:
  • Website rate code production reports (a drill down of what sells online)

These are some samples from the complete monthly report. We also dive into business cost, net RevPAR and plenty of other reports. Hotel Scienz sets itself apart. Where regular systems -already on the market- allow for revenue managers to query in their system, the primary focus of Hotel Scienz is to provide frequent reports with key information in a logical and easy to read format, during periods that make sense to all property stakeholders.

Yield Algorithms to Highlight Demand Trends


To predict yield opportunities, the software uses scientific algorithms based on an extensive amount of data. Dates that require your attention are highlighted and indicate recommended actions to maximize revenue.

The algorithms focus on numerous elements that influence demand and pricing:

  • Pace of sales
  • Business on the books patterns
  • Pricing patterns
  • Behavior of the property comp set
  • Exception rules for standard deviation

Despite complexity of the algorithms, the visual output and related pricing are easy to understand

Integrated Competitor Rate Shops


You can see the pricing strategy and best available rate of a set of 5 pre-selected competitor hotels The system also calculated lowest, highest and average market rates.

el Scienz displays the lowest rates of your five top competitors and their median rate as an integrated element of your full, easy-to-read revenue management calendar.

lst the algorithms track pricing and the behaviour of your direct comp set, Hotel Scienz provides rapid visual insight in their actual pricing strategies.